The Ultimate Mind Management Course


One of the most empowering skills to learn and develop is how to take control of one's own mind, freeing it from random negative thoughts leading to unhelpful and unwanted feelings and behaviours. This on-line detox your mind course is designed to teach you how to achieve this control.

There are many different techniques and approaches available to achieve this and it can become confusing and difficult to find which approach works best. Many years of research has shown that the most effective approaches and techniques are actually the easiest and simplest to learn and practice. This detox your mind course techniques are simple to learn and easy to use.

This on-line detox your mind course will teach you two time-tested mind management techniques that will help you to take control of your mind and improve both your mental and physical well-being.

You will first learn a very powerful, yet very simple and easy to use, mindfulness meditative technique that will help you to take control of your mind, clearing it of unwanted and unhelpful random thoughts, improving your mental concentration and thinking. You will then learn a process and methodology based on the rational emotive cognitive behaviour approach to helpful thinking, which will help you to better understand your thoughts behaviours and feelings and how you have control over these and can change them for the better.

On this detox your mind course you will:

  • Learn a simple easy to follow mind focusing technique that will help you to master the skill of concentration and clear the mind of worrying thoughts and reduce stress.


  • Learn a process and methodology for more helpful thinking, leading to more control of your thoughts, behaviours and feelings.

  • Have access to course resources such as presentations, video clips and a workbook that will guide you through learning how to practice and apply the learning to your specific problems, issues and needs. You will have unlimited access to the course resources, including any future developments for your reference and use.

Please click the course link below and register. After you register you will be linked to PayPal to make a payment of $79 (USD), you will then be given access to the course material.

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